"The VGF is a fantastic opportunity for a conference organiser to apply for a guarantee amount. Because of the VGF we do not have to worry as much about our income from registration fees."

- Lidwien Hollanders, M.A., organiser of the 21st Conference of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature in Maastricht

"Using the VGF scheme gave us the much-need financial backing for the organisation of our international conference."

- Hans H. Horsting, Secretary of the Foundation 25th International Congress of Vexillology in Rotterdam

"The VGF is a unique and easily accessible way to partially back the professional organisation of a conference. It provides great security."

- Peter-Willem Burgmans, Managing Director MCI Amsterdam, and PCO for the Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency in Amsterdam

"The VGF provides a very solid contribution to the financial substantiation of the conference budget."

- Jacob Muller, Account Manager Conferences with Boerhaave Nascholing, and PCO for the 63rd Meeting of Pelvic Surgeons in Noordwijk aan Zee

"The VGF gives many organisers that little bit of extra support required to decide to go ahead with the organisation of the conference."

- Nicolette van Erven, Director of Congress by Design, and PCO for the 33rd Annual Meeting of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society in Utrecht

"The VGF affords me, the organiser, and my client, more scope during the preparation stage to make the conference an even bigger success."

- Niels Klinkhamer, owner of Klinkhamer Conference Management, and PCO for the 3rd European Rett Syndrome Conference in Maastricht

"The guarantee fund takes away some of the financial risks that you run as a conference initiator, while the fee is minimal"

- Susanne Pauwels, Managing Director of Pauwels Congress Organisers, and PCO for the 3rd International One Health Congress in Amsterdam