The Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund offers financial security to organisers of international conferences of at least two days. This incentive fund combines two schemes that make it easier to actually realise conferences.

Pre-financing scheme

The pre-financing scheme allows conference organisers to apply for an interest-free loan, at no charge; it is by way of a grant for conferences. The maximum loan amount is € 90,000.

This scheme finances initial costs that you, the organiser of a conference, incur in the early stages. This money may be used to pay the accommodation deposit, or to develop the dedicated website.


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Guarantee scheme

The guarantee scheme provides conference or event insurance that offers great financial security, at a very low price. The amount that may be insured, the guarantee, is capped at € 90,000.

This scheme covers possible losses due to disappointing numbers of attendees. The fund aims to guarantee that the conference can take place, regardless.


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What are the experiences of organisers who already used our scheme?

The VGF is a fantastic opportunity for a conference organiser to apply for a guarantee amount. Because of the VGF we do not have to worry as much about our income from registration fees.
- Lidwien Hollanders, M.A., organiser of the 21st Conference of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature in Maastricht
Using the VGF scheme gave us the much-need financial backing for the organisation of our international conference.
- Hans H. Horsting, Secretary of the Foundation 25th International Congress of Vexillology in Rotterdam